The company

Created to meet the still incipient demand in the area of ​​occupational health, Prestmo’s history began in 1993, even before the current legislation in the sector appeared.

One year after its creation, the Ministry of Labor published Ordinances 24 and 25 of 12/29/1994 (DOU of 12/30/1994), which regulated the worker’s safety and health activities, updated by other acts of the Power Executive. This legislation requires that all companies implement occupational health and safety programs with their own or outsourced teams.

In 1996, Prestmo already had an accredited network of about 30 clinics contracted only for clinical examinations, mainly in the capitals. In 1998, year of the creation of the São Paulo unit, the company already had about 70 accredited for clinical and complementary exams throughout the national territory.

Prestmo is among the largest Brazilian companies in the occupational health segment and in 2014, after two decades of its creation, it has about 1200 accredited throughout the national territory.

Currently, the Prestmo Accredited Network is able to offer services for occupational clinical exams and all complementary exams, in any location where its clients need, including with special attention to companies that need all exams in the same place and conclusive reports in a short time time to meet urgent hiring and mobilization.

Each year, we innovate in the area of ​​health and safety at work with quality and commitment, seeking excellence in the services developed and maximum adaptation to the needs of our customers.

Our values

Prestmo does not maintain a partnership with customers or suppliers not committed to the correct practices of social and environmental responsibility, in addition to ethical and transparent commercial relations.

Prestmo expects its customers and employees to adopt commitments related to environmental and social responsibility:

• Guarantee the sustainable origin of its products and services.

• Encourage diversity among its employees, without prejudice in relation to ethnic origin, sex, age group, religion, sexual orientation or physical limitations.

• Adopt ethical and transparent commercial and business relations.

Our mission

Compete positively, and in a sustained manner, for the client’s results, through the preservation of the productive capacity of its employees.